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Many people think 'witch' and immediately jump to the conclusion that I am some weirdo who's home smells like stale incense and thinks Mr. Potter is end all be all of magick. I hate to disappoint, but I am as normal as the next person. As much as a person can be normal.

So, please read on. Enjoy my trials and tribulations. Hopefully, you can learn something from the mistakes I make and the good fortunes that come my way.

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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mommy's playgroup

One thing I have found very important to being a stay-at-home mom is that I have to have my own friends, my own hobbies, and my own life. I can not solely rely on my family to sustain my...sanity. Now because of certain illnesses I didn't have much of a choice with the staying at home thing. Not that I regret the decision one bit! If I had to do it all over again I would in a heart beat!

I do suggest to friends and readers of mine that are choosing this path, because it can just as rewarding as a career, that you be sure and find time to do things you enjoy. Thoroughly enjoy. Whether it be reading, writing, knitting, crafting, skateboarding, or hula hooping! Make time for it!! Otherwise... you may lose your marbles. 

I have a night out, away from everyone in my household (Daddy is usually shoving me out the door), where I go and hangout with my friends at a small bar. We have a great time, it gives me a chance

to just be Dayna (or Brock as everyone calls me at the bar, we have two Dayna's and it gets confusing). 

Just because you've become a mom (stay at home or otherwise) does not mean you are not a person too. You NEED your time. Also, try to find other moms in similar situations. Chances are, they will understand what you are going through and be more willing to let you vent then a single friend with no kids who is secretly rolling their eyes and thinking 'not this again!'.

To be perfectly honest, staying home is how I found the deep connection with my spirituality that I have. There is something very profound about holding the well-being and smooth-running of an entire family unit in your hands. With that I leave you on this note...

I'm not telling you that a working mom is a bad mom or that a stay at home mom is super mom. It comes down to whatever works for you and your family alone. Period.

Brightest Blessings

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Blessings

A Mother's Day Prayer

Mother of all mother's, hear our prayer
this day for the protection and blessing
of all mothers, young and old.
You who hold the seed in the warmth and darkness 
until it knows to seek the sunlight.
You whose winds carry the rains across the vast
arching sky, spilling it down to the thirsty lands.

You in whose arms we rest in at the end of the day,
in comfort and peace, we call you!

Hear our words of praise for the mothers of
the world.

We call your blessings down to the women
in our family circle and to those we love as family.
We ask that you help guide them in the raising
their children.
Help them feel your love, help to replenish
their stores of energy, patience, and love.
Remind them we are grateful for their love
and the hard work they put in to raise us
through the ages.

All of these children are our children, 
they are the joy bringers of the world.
As all is connected, we too are one.
What befalls the smallest, befalls the largest.

Mother of all creation, as we bless those mothers
nearest us, open our hearts so that no child is 
is left wanting.

By our love and our efforts, may we be
those who honor mothers, as a people who help 
their children thrive. 
As a people thrice blessed with happy children, 
happy families, and health to both.

We ask for the boundless outpouring of your 
love into our lives. Mother of the world,
with your blessing may we all grow in our capacity
to love unconditionally, to nurture where 
there is need, and lastly, to tend the fruits of 
our creation!

Blessed are the Mothers!!

(Excerpted from Circle Round)

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