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This is my space to share, rant, rave, and even do a little bragging about my life choices, family, and where each are taking me.

Many people think 'witch' and immediately jump to the conclusion that I am some weirdo who's home smells like stale incense and thinks Mr. Potter is end all be all of magick. I hate to disappoint, but I am as normal as the next person. As much as a person can be normal.

So, please read on. Enjoy my trials and tribulations. Hopefully, you can learn something from the mistakes I make and the good fortunes that come my way.

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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Friday, December 28, 2012

Quite a year!!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of
 Stay-at-Home Witchery!

I am beyond elated at how far this small blog has come and what I have learned in the process of writing it. I have been able to share so much of my life with my friends, family, and loyal readers. But more than that, I have found a deeper connection and understanding with my own beliefs, practices, and family.

This blog started as a way for me to pass the time while I was on bed rest while pregnant. As the posts progressed it took on a life of it's own and has become an important part of my everyday life. My family finds it funny when something happens and I run from the room with a "I have to write that down so I don't forget" and insert said event into my research/blog memo notebook.

More people that I could have ever imagined read my blog. My audience spans 17 countries and has more weekly visitors than I could have dreamed of. I am amazingly grateful for every single one of my readers and followers! It is my sincerest hope that you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

In other news... Solstice this year was very uneventful. I spent a decent chunk of time in front of our winter altar and said my thanks and asked blessings for friends and family members. Because I was completely by myself this year with just the baby, I didn't do anything more than that. Also, it was dreadfully dreary and raining outside. Oh yeah.... and Chubs was sick, too. Regardless, I celebrated my own way.

Christmas was stressful. Fun, but stressful. Because of the baby being sick for so long, and me being a horrible procrastinator, a lot of my plans got left for Christmas eve. We visited 3 different sides of our families, I was even wished a Merry Yule by one of Daddy's cousins.

New Year's Eve is coming up in a few days. I have no idea what is going on with that. Personally, I don't feel like doing anything! I just want to stay in pj's! Then again, that could be because I spent over 2 hours shoveling snow yesterday and I am sore beyond belief! (Daddy can't because of his back. Honestly, I do enjoy shoveling snow)

I'm starving and dinner is smelling delicious. Good Night, Readers!

Brightest Blessings!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Just around the corner...

Well, it's that time of year again! Solstice and Christmas are just around the corner. Yes, we celebrate both in our house. We don't exchange gifts on Solstice, it's a time for family, giving thanks for the blessings we've received all year, and stories...oh yea, and food. There is always food :D.

I have a very overwhelming love for the holidays. I enjoy Christmas just as much as I do Solstice! We have totally different traditions for each. On Solstice we are very immediate family centered. We have a feast, tell stories, the boys get new pj's and we watch movies together after the Solstice ritual.

On Christmas we celebrate with our extended family. We do brunch and present exchanges with my side. Then we visit with Daddy's family and do a present exchange there. Christmas is when Santa comes for the boys. This year my grandmother asked if we (my parents, brother, and our family) would go to mass with her and Opa. I almost laughed when she asked me to go. Just because she made it sound more like asking my permission to even ask the question. She has an odd way of showing her respect for my religious views. But she tries and that is enough for me.  I'm actually looking forward to it.

I have always enjoyed church services in the Catholic church even though I don't agree with what they are preaching about.  I love the music and the energy vibe that the congregations give off. The one thing I miss is having a group of people who share my beliefs. I have some great friends who support me and are absolutely wonderful. But I would love to have a 'coven' with which I could hold rituals with.

*sigh* The joys of being a solitary practitioner. :)

Anyway, we decorated the house over the past two days. We have almost seamlessly melded both Christmas and Solstice in our home. I will have pics up tomorrow. The lighting wasn't all that great after we finished. Also, I FINALLY got my altar changed from fall to winter.

So, aside from getting gifts finished up, I NEED to write out my Solstice ritual. Last year I modified one written by my friend. This year I'd love to write my own but utilize some of the traditions that I started last year.

I will be busy busy busy for the next 4 days, plus I promised my mom I would go shopping with her tomorrow and also bake cookies this week.

A lot of people let themselves get too stressed around this time of year. Yes, I have tons to do. But I try to remember how much fun each individual thing is and not to stress about the few things that don't get done.

Well... pictures and more insight tomorrow. Sleep now.

Blessed Be

Monday, December 10, 2012


Yesterday, I went out shopping with my mother and my aunt. We had a phenomenal time. However, I was shocked more than once by people, including my mother. We went to a GIANT craft show and as we perused the booths and wares that were on display my first shock of the day happened.

We were looking through necklaces and the like, beautifully crafted astrological signs, celestial moons and stars, and a handful of Goddess pendants. I didn't even see the Goddess pendants. My MOTHER pointed them out to me. We have a very clear agreement. I don't offer information and she doesn't ask when it comes to my beliefs. So I was very shocked that she even noticed that they were Goddess pendants. It did make me smile that she related the two though.

After about an hour of shopping I stopped at a booth that  had a glass case displaying Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (mainly Isis and Anubis), a smattering of costume jewelry and cameos, and a few circlets. The man behind the case smiled and started chit-chatting with me when he noticed my pentacle. I wear it everyday and I don't hide it. He almost fell over when he saw it. Not because I, being this big bad evil witch, was there in front of him. But because I wasn't 'in hiding' as he put it. Then, of course, he assumed I was a Wiccan (not that I have anything against Wiccans, I am just not one and I am tired of people hearing that I am not Christian and just assume I'm a Wiccan.).

I ended up schooling him for about half an hour about different types of pagans and witchcraft on a whole. It made me quite glad that I am well versed in world religions.

But those two encounters alone made me wonder what other people think when they see my pentacles or here that I am a pagan. I know I have, more than once, shocked/startled/terrified people when I inform them of my witchy activities :) It's taken some explaining, and occasionally some teaching, once I reveal how I live my life. We currently have a friend who STILL won't come over anymore.

I had one woman tell me, as she sat in MY living room, that she couldn't "believe someone who seemed so normal could be into THAT sort of thing". After I collected my jaw from the carpet I explained to her how practicing witchcraft was the same for me as her going to church everyday.

Most people think witchcraft and immediately jump to the thought of cloaks, pointy hats, and cauldrons. I'm not going to lie... I do have a cloak. More of my spells are performed at my kitchen counter in a space of 5 minutes than not. I usually only cast circles and do major spell casting or rituals during sabbats. Even then... it's iffy. I have 2 kids and run a household, I get busy. I do visit my altar almost everyday to light candles, ask for guidance, and offer my thanks to the Gods and Goddesses. Also... if you drop by unexpectedly; you may just find me sitting at my kitchen table, while the baby is napping, just staring at a flame. I happen to be fire scrying. Go sit in the living room and wait for me to finish.

Other than that... I go about my daily chores: cooking, cleaning, laundry, cleaning, baking, cleaning, and oh yea, did I mention cleaning? 3 boys (Daddy is TOTALLY included in here), 2 cats, 1 giant dog, and 2 turtles... the house is a little hectic. But we love every minute of it.

I live my truths everyday. I love every minute of the life that Daddy and I have built together. My kids are growing up healthy and happy... that is really all I can ask for out of my life.

Blessed Be my friends!

Oh yea... almost forgot, Chubs is crawling now and pulling himself up on the furniture! It all happened in 2 days! I'm a sad momma.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

25 for the 5th time!

The third brought around the full cycle year of my life, I'm officially 29 now.

It's been a long (for me), strange, sometimes difficult, but extremely rewarding life! I have found a happiness that I never knew could possibly exist with a man who loves me and my flaws. I have two wonderful children that simply complete me. I'm no longer lost and floating adrift while searching for something that speaks to me. I have friends and family who accept me and support me. (yea...I am TOTALLY bragging!)

But a hard, yet vitally important, lesson has been learned throughout this life. When you have some around you that are doing nothing but dragging you down... you HAVE to let go. Sometimes it is easier than others. The result has to be the same though. I've cut out ALL the negative influences, drama queens (and kings), and false friends. Want to know what I learned from that? I am a stronger, better, and (much) happier person because of it!

Enough enlightenment for today... the holidays are quickly approaching! Aside from Samhain and Beltane, this is one of my favorite seasons. I have to work at not letting it become stressful for me... but I enjoy it none the less. Winter Solstice/Yule is and has always been very family-centric for me. Solstice is usually celebrated privately with my children. Daddy usually ends up working, and he doesn't participate in rituals (which is fine, he is Catholic). Then, we celebrate Christmas together with our extended families.

So... what does a Stay-at-Home Witch give people for the holidays? Well, I can't tell you exactly because some of my gift receivers read my blog. After I will give you links to tutorials and all kinds of fun stuff. Everything we do give though is almost always (last year was a little different because I was SUPER sick with being pregnant) homemade and personal. ^_^

On that note... I want to point out that I believe homemade gifts are by far my favorite. We, as a society, have come so far away from what the holidays are about. It's become nothing but commercialism, greed, and consumerism at it's finest. Which is sad. I am trying desperately to teach my children that the holidays are not about getting gifts but giving back. One of my best friends is thinking about volunteering at a soup kitchen during this coming holiday season and I am planning to go with her. I want to bring my oldest with me so he can experience what it is to give back to people who really need it! He's a very compassionate child. I think it'd be good for him.

I want to start a volunteer group... maybe I will find a way to work it into the urban commune I started up. Oh... I forgot to talk about that here. Well, I will post all about The Great Avalon Commune later. It was a brilliant idea that I had had since I was a child and finally got the opportunity to start it up! Hopefully, it will work out as well as planned.

On that note... I have dishes to do and blankets in the washer that need to be hung up to dry! A Stay-at-home-witch's work is never done, but I love every minute.

Blessed Be!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On to a new adventure!

No... I'm not closing down my blog! But I am adding a new aspect to my journey.

I've struggled with weight and body issues my ENTIRE life. I decided at a very young age (8) that I was going to be a ballerina. Have you ever seen a chunky ballerina? No. So I began dieting and that quickly spiraled out of control and into anorexia and a host of self esteem issues that I still can not get over to this day.

A few years ago I had FINALLY gotten down to what I considered a decent size. I wore a 6. I had lost over 90 pounds and everyone said how great I looked. I looked in the mirror and still saw where I could stand to lose at least 30 more... but hey, I was better than what I was.

Well, I am well over where I once was... again. And I am very unhappy about it. So I got off my butt and started doing something about it. With my health issues I need to be careful how much exercise I pack into one day. And even then, I can't always guarantee that I can work out every day. But it's a start. We rarely keep junk food in the house, which is fantastic for me. So I am going to start a whole new section to the blog.

This new section will contain tips, tricks, music, motivation, recipes, and workout schedules as well as my progress. I won't stop adding to the kitchen witchin' page because... I love good food and still have a family to feed. Don't think that the recipes on the new page will be gross though. If it tastes nasty... it won't make the list!

I've decided this is not about getting skinny (although it would be a nice by-product) I just want to be healthier! And before you start thinking, well you've done it once, it shouldn't be too hard to do it again. Believe me, I've thought it already. True, I had lost 90 pounds before. It was far from healthy though. I simply stopped eating for weeks at a time. I'd eat maybe once or twice a month. I survived on water, coffee, and LOTS of vitamins. I may have looked good, but my health was far worse than it has ever been.

I'm determined to make this a lifestyle change. Not just a weight loss goal. I refuse to label this as dieting or losing weight. It's not about either of those things. I NEED to get healthy. Not just physically either. There is going to be a major thought process change here too. I am horrible at taking a compliment. In my head, there is always a reason to shoot it down. It's very hard for me to just say thank you. And I almost never believe Daddy when he tells me I'm beautiful or whatnot. I'm probably the most insecure person you've ever met :/ But I put on a good show.

So yea... there is a huge change that needs to be addressed here in my life. I've "mastered" the spiritual aspect of my health... now on to mind and body!

Here's to health... Mind, body, and soul!

Brightest Blessings

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Open Doors

Today has been a go go go type of day since about 6:30 this morning. Not surprised though... this whole week has been like that. Between moving furniture, rearranging our basement, and cleaning out our garage my week has been stuffed full of things to do. Today was no exception.

I spent my day cleaning and doing laundry, and I'm no where near finished yet. I still have to clear out the negative energy that is lingering in the corners. Also, I'm going to have the eldest follow behind me and stir up some lazy energy and get it moving around here. We all need a bit of a pick me up.

But I really don't feel like boring you all to death with my cleaning routines. I do want to discuss opening doors. I mean it in the most literal of senses too. I just had a visitor. The same visitor who comes to see me every week on Wednesday at 1 o'clock-ish. We'll call her Jane (unless I ask permission, I don't like using real names except for my own). Jane has become a very good friend of mine. She is also a Jehovah's Witness.

I met her through her husband because one day I simply opened the door. It never costs anything to be friendly! I've met almost their entire family. I must say they are some of the sweetest people I have met in a long time. Jane's husband used to come to our home once every few months. Every time, I answered the door with a smile and openness. Finally, he brought his wife with him. Jane asked at the initial meeting if she could stop by during the week and I've seen her every week since. Today, we sat around, had a cup of tea, and discussed children. Our faiths were brought up briefly.

They know that I am a very tolerant person and listen intently to what they are saying. Today while I was cleaning, I finally understood why I seem to have a patience with Jehovah's Witnesses that most people do not. I live every single moment of my life in my faith. Also, I share my faith, what I've learned, and how my beliefs benefit me here... to all of you wonderful readers! With the richness and fullness my beliefs have brought me, if it so dictated, I would be out there door to door too, sharing what I have learned and experienced on a daily basis! I can't fault someone else for feeling the same connection with their God as I do mine.

I respect religions, of all shapes and colors! And if someone has the guts to get out there and share what they believe, who am I to turn them away?! I do not preach my faith/beliefs. I do preach tolerance! These people go out of their way to share something they truly believe in. Take a moment and open the door.

You never know who is going to be on the other side. Perhaps you end up with a life long friend like Jane. You may find a bible thumper who is confident that you are going to hell. But you never know unless you open the door. Take the risk... it's worth it. And remember that respect and a smile goes a long way.

Blessed Be!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I am having a really rough day. I could really use a little spare energy, love, and light... if you have an to spare... please send some my way!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I can not begin to describe the elation I feel that so many of you allow me to share my thoughts, daily events, and rantings with you! To get feedback from my readers on top of that is like receiving bonus gifts just for showing up! I really do work hard to try and keep this up to date and current. Not to mention semi-interesting. I feel like I have a lot to share and hope that you are all as interested in, what I consider, my mundane life.

If EVER there is a topic that you wish I would touch on or discuss, please please please message me about it! Either here in the comments, on my facebook page!/dayna.brock.5 , or you can email me at (it's the address I check the most). I look for inspiration everywhere.

In any case... I wanted to dedicate this blog to my readers. Even if you never speak out or just follow me in secret, I appreciate every single one of you!

The next few days I may not be posting, I am adjusting to a new migraine medication that does weird things to my head initially. I've tried every natural cure, prevention, and wives tale that I have come across. 20 days of migraines out of the month is just too much. So for a bit, I have to go back on meds. I'm not happy about it... but it is what it is.

Light and Love to all my readers!
           Blessed Be!

Monday, November 5, 2012

200 minutes...

I just got off the phone (only because it died) with a very good friend of mine who lives out of state. I was surprised to see that we had talked for 200 minutes! It did not seem nearly that long to me.

After we said our good byes I realized that in those 200 minutes my whole perspective shifted on the day and how happy I had become. During the call I had a chance to get some laundry done, do my dishes, and straighten up the house. As well as feed the baby and put him down for a nap.

Everything I did were things that I do EVERY day. All of which I thoroughly enjoy. But that 200 minutes that I spent talking to my chosen-sister had such a profound impact on my day. It made me think, "what else can I do in 200 minutes that would affect me this way?"

My sister has taught me a lot about myself. Whether she knew that was what she was doing or not. She was a HUGE factor/support in my 'coming out' as a pagan. Also, she has some of the best advice ever!!

Now... my challenge to my readers is this... experiment and find something that re-centers your soul, re-affirms your beliefs, and re-kindles your love of life! And bonus points if you have someone you can share that with!

                               Brightest Blessings!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

What makes a home?

This question has crossed my mind many many times since I was young. The answer here is unfathomably varying depended on who you and your family are! There is the ever encompassing answer of love. And yes, that is true to a point. But if you walk into an empty white room with nothing but love... it still feels empty.

My answer to this question isn't nice things... almost everything in our current home is hand-me-down and heirloom (which is a really nice way of saying REALLY OLD hand-me-down! :) ). For our family... home is not home without pets! We have a small petting zoo going on in our little 2 bedroom house. Update on Moon Baby and Dexter... they are very well adjusted. Moon terrorizes the dog at every chance and Dexter has become besties with the baby. The baby pokes at him, pulls his fur, and tries to eat his tail and Dexter just snuggles closer and lets him. Daddy has currently decided that we NEED another pet... I am pulling for a goat!

Also... it's not home if you can't laugh till you cry. I am SURROUNDED by testosterone. I have learned that farts are hilarious. Watching my boys walking around trying to out fart each other is outright funny! Wearing underwear on your head?? Daily occurrence.

It's not home if you can't argue and yell. Probably not the best way to handle arguments... but we are far from perfect and yes we get into fights. At the end of the day though... there is ALWAYS forgiveness and love. No argument outweighs hugs and kisses goodnight. That goes for Mom and Dad too. There is no going to bed angry. It's not worth it and just makes for a tense following day.

House plants! I never saw the point in having them when I lived at my parents house. They always seemed like a waste of space to me. Not too mention that I kind of have a black thumb (but I'm getting better!) We had lived here for over a year and all the while I kept feeling like something was missing. I couldn't put my finger on it. One day I was reading about magickal properties of house plants in Cottage Witchery and it dawned on me that plants were absent in our home. I was shell-shocked for a moment just because having plants had never seemed important. Needless to say, I went out and purchased us some plants. All of which are still thriving to this day! A huge accomplishment for me.

TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE!! And this goes for ALL aspects of our lives. Not just religiously. We are a family of geeks, nerds, and dorks! And we LOOOVE every minute of it. Our interests are extremely varied and we learn from each other. We are gamers. We play cards and card games such as Magic the gathering. I study history and religions on an almost daily basis. Not too mention how much I love cleaning house. Sadly... there was no sarcasm in that statement! The oldest is big into video games and legos. We play board games. Daddy and I love to travel too. We are planning a family trip next spring.

I am learning more and more everyday on what makes a home. It's an ever-evolving concept in my mind. What makes your house/room/apartment/cave/condo/trailer/box a home?

Think about it for a bit!

Blessed Be!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On this very blessed day...

I wish all my readers a very merry ......

The wheel of the year has once again turned to this most sacred of days. A day of honoring loved ones who have passed into the summerlands for their souls to grow young once more before returning to us once again. Today, and this night, is the time of year when the veil between our worlds grow thin and the spirits of loved ones walk amongst us!

Set out an offering of food for those spirits who will grace us with their presence and light the bone fires! Yes, I meant bone! Tonight we will be sharing a feast with a close family friend of mine. We will be dining on roast chicken and baby redskin potatoes. Later those same chicken bones will have our wishes for the coming year carved into them and cast upon the fire! Hence the term Bone Fire (which is where bon fire was derived from coincidentally). Usually, we would be going trick or treating as well... but the eldest son has been grounded from it and the baby is just too young to get it.

This will be the first year in my entire life that I had not gone out trick or treating (with the exception of the 2 years I was sick). That will not however stop me from dressing up in costume and passing out candy! I have been working hard on costumes this year... making a total of 8. We are being characters from Borderlands. I am being Mad Moxxie for the evening! And yes... there will be pictures!

Some of the witches I know take this night to dress in their ritual garb and pass out candy. I am a witch everyday, I prefer to be something else for the most part. I am not against donning my ritual clothing for the evening, but at present, it's scattered between two houses.

Today/tonight is my favorite time of year! Samhain is also known as the Witch's New Year! So HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US!!

Now a short rant... promise to keep it brief!

All my info for the Samhain Sabbat post is on the computer with a dying hard drive. So there will be no update until a new hard drive can be procured and the data transferred over. I'm wigging out that it will be delayed and I apologize to everyone who uses that info. Hopefully, I will be able to get a new one in the next few weeks. Ok... rant over.

Happy Hauntings and as always...
               BLESSED BE!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Magick: The Reality

Recently, I have had a friend come to me and ask for my help and guidance with a particular entity that is bothering her and her family. Of course, I had no problem helping her out. When she started to explain her issue to me and what had happened the night before I was in utter shock! Not to mention extremely flattered that she'd come to me with this. Her son's father had specifically asked for her to call me and see what I could offer them by way of info, protection, and if there were any charms or spells that I could offer them.

What had me flattered more than anything was the fact that he is Christian and without a second thought he immediately thought to ask me for help. Now mind you, I am very confident in my own abilities and what not. However, when faced with something such as this where people I truly care about are putting their faith in me protecting them... I am slightly (and by slightly I mean TOTALLY) skeptical of my ability.

I've been thumbing through my written references, books, and calling on long time friends to help me here. I've never had a problem throwing up protection wards and spells. But I've always done them strictly for myself.

The man who so graciously asked me what I could do for them also wanted to talk to me before I started casting or anything. Which I completely understood. This was after all out of his comfort zone and what I do is completely unknown to him. So we had a long conversation about cleansing and protection. As well as magick itself.

As most non-pagans, he saw magick as a hocus pocus type of thing that is merely silly games. With a sad shake of my head I began to school him :) In a very honest and open dialogue. I answered all his questions. I was even able to explain the logistics of magick with the clever use of quantum mechanics! (Yea... I'm a smart witch to boot). It's depressing to me to see so many people dismiss magick when it surrounds them on a daily basis. And while, yes, magick is "explainable"... why take the mystery out of it!? The best part about magick is the mystery.

Think of it this way... does KNOWING how a seed develops into a flower detract from the beauty of it? No... but it's much more fun to watch it happen instead of analyzing it.

Magick is energy. Plain and simple. When you take the time to focus your energy into something, be it a spell, a plant, or cooking a meal for your family... you ARE creating magick. Us witches just happen to know how to channel out energies to benefit us and those around us. It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice to get it right. While we all may play by different rules... we all respect magick itself.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Goddesses I have missed this!!

No... my computer is not fixed yet. My mother loaned me out hers for the night. Hopefully, by next month, I will have the money I need to get my poor little laptop repaired!!

Idea after idea has been pouring from my noggin too. I have so much that I want to type out that I am not really sure where to begin.

My Samhain prep is completely lacking this year. I haven't put out decorations or anything. Spiritually, however, the family has been so consumed that it's hard to feel like we've forgotten. We seem to be super busy this year. Oh yea... and I've made 8 costumes this year :/ It's been busy :) Tomorrow we are taking the oldest to Greenfield Village for their Halloween celebration! We are excited it is seriously an AWESOME event to take your kids too if you are in the area! You can find all the info here!

I would like to apologize though... the Sabbats page is going to fall behind. All my info and research is on my hard drive that is in the process of failing miserably. Hence the reason I haven't been on. I am hoping that I will be able to transfer all my data over before it dies completely. I plan to do that as soon as I get a new hard drive. If not... I will be inconsolable for weeks! That is years of research and info that will be lost!

Friday, September 28, 2012


I have sad news... I must take a break from blogging for the time being. The hard drive on my laptop has met its untimely end. So until it can be replaced I am on a forced hiatus :( I am terribly sorry and will miss you all.

Blessed Be, and here's hoping I find the money for a new hardrive in a timely fashion!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Witchy Ways

I was on Facebook earlier searching for inspiration for my post today! I was sitting here pounding my head on the keyboard trying to stun the writers block out of my head when my friend and neighbor asked me to do a post on how I use my 'witchy ways' to cope with the weather changes! It took me less than half a heart beat to realize what an amazing idea that is. The things I do are so common place to me that I didn't even think about sharing them.

That being said, not everything I do involves witchcraft and spells. Some of the things I'm going to share with you today is how I:
  • Clean the negative energy out of our home
  • Protect my children from illness
  • Protect our home
The things I discuss are not all fall specific and can be used/adapted throughout the year.

First we are going to talk about what I do around the home. Some of which I am currently working on as well. I've had a horrible migraine that is just incessantly pounding behind my eyes so I am slightly behind this year.

Now... I am a very down to earth kitchen witch. A lot of what I do is brewed up right on my kitchen counter. Before I even start scrubbing down our home I whip up a spell to suck up all the negative energy and bad vibes. It is SUPER simple, takes less than 2 minutes, and uses 2 ingredients! In a glass bowl I mix together some salt and juice from 2 halves of a lemon. (save the lemon, rinds and all, for the next part) The incantation is simple as well. I actually keep it on an index card in my silverware drawer! I will post the whole spell on the ritual page. As I clean I move the bowl from room to room with me.

The second part to this (before I start cleaning) is to throw the juiced lemon halves and a handful of lavender into a pot of water and sit it on the stove to simmer. The lemon chases away negativity and the lavender induces a calming sensation. Every month during the full moon I make moon water. I add some of the moon water to this simmer every time. It helps infuse the air with a positive charge. When I finish cleaning I usually add a little vanilla to the mix to mellow out the citrusy scent.

As I clean, especially when sweeping/vacuuming/mopping, I visualize all the negativity that has built up during the week being washed/swept away. I try to infuse the house with as much positive energy as I can while I clean. It's not just a physical cleaning.

After I clean, I smudge the entire house with a white sage stick, starting in the basement. I also smudge all the members of the family. The furry ones  are no exceptions. Oh yea... the dream catchers are cleaned at this time too. I've noticed that if I don't clean them, our eldest has a lot of problems with nightmares.

When the house has been smudged there is still one step left. I salt all the entryways to the house, even the garage! I'm fanatical about this in the fall, especially around Samhain. The salting has nothing to do with cleaning out energy. It's a protection thing. I want nothing coming into our house that we don't invite in.

Along the lines of protection... I also have pots of red Mums. They last well into late fall. Come late spring they will be replaced with red Geraniums. Also, on the interior of the home, the house plants that we have have charms placed on them. Plants give off energy 24/7. It is my belief that if you ask each to devote their energy to the protection and harmony of the home, they will be more than pleased to help you out. So long as you do your best to take care of them. Oh... I almost forgot, I am also working on making grapevine wreaths for the doors. They will be enchanted as well as soon as they are done!

As for protecting our children... I knit the eldest a scarf or hat every year with yarn that I have asked the Goddess to bless with protection from illness and harm. It's a tradition that I will be starting for the baby as well. The eldest also carries a protective charm with him every day... but that is for a completely different reason.

If you have any questions on how to do any of this, or would like recipes or whatever...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just ask! I love to share my knowledge and help!

Blessed Be!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


It is that time again! Time to wish all of my fellow pagans and readers a very blessed Mabon! May the season bring a bountiful harvest of prosperity and love to your family!

I have a raging migraine today so the Mabon post on the Sabbat page is going to have to wait until tomorrow I think. And unfortunately for me... all Mabon celebrations have to be put on hold for a few days.

But love and light is being to sent to all who read this, and even a few who don't, in hopes for a blessed season!

Brightest Blessings on this Mabon!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

What's in a name?

Since I was a little girl, people have always come to me for advice. Kids my age. Even those who were older. I never really thought twice about it. Helping people was always a joy for me. To be honest, I liked feeling like I made a difference in their lives. Without knowing it, I have become the 'wise woman' of the village. My village of course being composed of my friends and family, and even friends of friends. I even help out those that I really don't care for but are in need of help.

In past centuries, witches were referred to as Wise Women and Cunning Men. Now that I am older and can look at things objectively, I find it ironically funny that I have become my village's Wise Woman. Taking care of my family has always been a love of mine. Taking care of those that surround me is, honestly, a joy.

Souls of all faiths come to me seeking advice, help, and occasionally a spell or charm to help them or their family. Being available to ease someone's grief, give advice on unruly children, and weave a spell to kick start someone's day has become a passion.

It's not all marshmallows and roses though. Investing so much in those who come to me takes a toll on my energy level. Usually, I am very good at controlling my own energy output and conservation. I am very good at unplugging from the 'collective conciousness' that surrounds on a daily basis. My awareness of the energies around me has become far more acute in the past years. But as of recently, my energy levels have been depleted. I am not sure if it's just from the hustle and bustle of my days and not getting enough sleep. The baby sleeps a solid 9-10 hours a night, at least. I always stay up and wait for Daddy to come home and then we are up for a bit taking a few moments to spend time together. I wake up at 7 every morning. So I am getting, maybe, 5-6 hours. ~I think I just figured out my problem...~ 

Yes, I NEED to work on taking care of myself the way I take care of my family and those around. I need to take slightly more time out of my day and devote it to myself and spend it grounding myself, or even *gasp* napping! Yesterday, Daddy got home from work super early (4pm!) and told me to go lay down and take a nap. He'd take care of the kids for me so I have nothing to worry about and I STILL could not relax enough to catch some much needed Zzz's. All I could think about was how much was still left to do, what to make for dinner, and oh crap I still need to clean out the garage. As you can probably tell... I'm hopelessly unable to take a time out. Even when I am running on fumes and dead tired. My family and home come first. It's my way of showing them how much I appreciate them.

Well... now that I ran off with that tangent let's get back to the original topic.

Wise Woman or Witch, either way I had already been one before the official labeling! I had no idea, it just came naturally to me. Although some around me, once hearing that I am a witch, naturally assume that I am something out of a Disney movie. Usually, they are slightly disappointed to find out that I am more of a modern day June Cleaver then Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz (which I do know is not a Disney movie).

Labels, names, or titles don't really have that much meaning to them. It's more of what you do that makes you what you are. I'm proud to call myself a Witch. I truly am. It's taken a lot of studying and research. I'm good at what I do and unless you intend my family harm, everyone gets the warmest fuzzy feelings when they come into our home. I've been told more than once, and by more than just my friends who are in the know that my home feels very welcoming and 'homey'. So many of our closest friends and family come over and curl up on couches and take naps without a second thought. I love every minute of their enjoyment. It means I have done a wonderful job.

Brightest Blessings!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Learning Curve

Oh buddy... things have been kinda rough around here lately. There are 4 major things that have happened. Maybe not major... but definitely note-worthy.

  1. The eldest has been on a hellion kick lately. The disrespect and mouth are out of control. I can only ground, talk to, and punish him so much before I am completely out of ideas.
  2. The eldest has been too terrified at night to sleep. Something called the Slender Man has been keeping him up nights. So much so that he has started to sleep walk again.
  3. Both the children were involved in their first circle cast today!
  4. The eldest was questioned about his faith at school.
I'm just going to gloss over the first one. It would take me days to write about everything that is going on there. There are multiple reasons I believe that the boy is acting up lately. He is starting puberty and has a flood of hormones going right now. Subconsciously he is jealous of the baby and the attention that the baby requires. He is adjusting to the fact that his biological father is getting married and is spending way more time with his fiance and her kids. His lack of sleep is affecting him. Finally, he's still readjusting to a new school schedule.

None of that however gives him a free pass to be a little brat! I do not tolerate bad behavior. So if he needs to spend the next two weeks in his bedroom with no anything... he will.

Next on the list is the Slender Man thing. I personally am not sure what or who it is. He is a very real fear for the eldest though. He's been sleeping on the couch because the kittens keep him awake at night (they stay in his room at night). Last night he began the night on the couch as usual. Then came into our room and asked to sleep with us because he was scared. We, of course, let him. An hour or so later he wandered back into the living room, in a dead sleep. Then this morning when I went to wake him up I found him on our bedroom floor. He had no recollection of how he got there or that he was ever on the couch. His question to me in the morning was why was he there.

I ward our house and property once a week. It's just something I do. When the eldest is home I make sure he sees me do it. But his fear caused me to take even more drastic measures. I created a talisman for him this very night. Hand sewn and embroidered, it's actually very nice. He was excited.

Which leads me to the third thing that has happened in the past few days... my boys helped me cast a circle this night! Neither were involved in the magick aspect. I don't allow the eldest to cast anything more than a few protection spells and help with the circle. He is just not ready yet. But it was wonderful to have both of them with me. We built a bonfire and cast our circle under the moon. The baby actually cried until I picked him up and had him at the altar with us.

I had moved my altar out on to the patio. I have never cast outdoors like that before. My circles were always cast in secret. I'm sure a few of our neighbors were wondering what in the blue blazes was going on. There were candles, a fire, and chanting going on! Regardless... it was wonderful to be outdoors.

Lastly, Constitution Day is coming up at for the eldest and they are learning the pledge of allegiance. From what he relayed to me, the teacher had asked what religion everyone is because of the 'one nation under God' part. My boy, who has never gone against what the majority says, stood up and announced to everyone that he is a pagan and believes in a Goddess. I was so proud I nearly burst. Not because he said he was pagan. I don't care what he is one way or the other. He is free to make his own religious choices. I was just proud that he went against the norm and was true to himself!

I do not, in one way or another, force my children to align themselves with a faith. If one day the eldest is Christian and the next pagan, it's fine with me. I request that he learns and researches and goes with what he feels. Supporting his decision one way or the other and offering him my knowledge on the various religions is what I offer. I do not judge.

Well, Chubs aka The Baby, has just woken up from his nightly nap and will be wanting to eat his cereal soon. Good Night my friends! May your dreams be as sweet as honey.

Blessed Be

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are you a good witch?

Yesterday, we held the bi-weekly poker game at our house. Nothing out of the ordinary. Friends, children, and some family, all scattered about. It was a fun night. We all had a great time, as per the usual.

Before the game started however I was asked a question that caught me completely off guard. One of Daddy's friends were hanging out right before the game started when he looked at me and said "Hey, I have a question for you."

I responded with "OK, shoot."

"Do you really practice witchcraft in your basement?"

Now, I had two options. I could have just laughed it off and went about the evening. But that is not really who I am, so I went with option 2: honesty.

"I sure do." Was my answer. I am proud of who I am. I didn't see the point in lying. Although most of my spell work is done in the kitchen. I didn't see the point in making him needlessly uncomfortable. But my altar is in the basement, mainly because of lack of space, and I have slightly more privacy in the basement.

For the first 5 minutes after my answer I really thought that they were going to leave. I just felt the shift in energy from the comfortable gathering we had going to a very distinct chill from his and his girlfriend's direction. After the initial shock of my answer wore off he followed up with, "well there's lots of kinds of witchcraft, what do you do?"

Inwardly, I had to smile! I let him know that I don't usually interfere with other's lives or choices. Also I don't practice voodoo... that is a little too dark for my taste. And I am a firm believer in Karma, what you put out, you WILL receive back 3 fold!

I found out later the reason why he asked that question is because he had seen my altar when he and Daddy went to get the table.

Have you ever had anyone call you out in front of a bunch of people? I wasn't offended or anything. Actually, I thought it funny. I think my openness about who and what I am makes it easier for people to accept me and deal with the fact that I am a witch.

He even said he would have never guessed because I don't look like a witch. I wanted to ask him 'what do witches look like?' But Daddy had just arrived on scene with another of our poker guests and I got distracted.  But it definitely made the highlights of the evening for me.

Well, yesterday was a very busy day for me so now I am off to bed for a nap while the baby sleeps!

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That time again!

Ahhh.... it's that time of year again! The trees are preparing for their Winter long slumber. The leaves changing color and gently covering the ground (not yet, but close!!) The temperatures are finally starting to drop so we can bust out the hoodies and bonfires. There is usually a crispness in the air that you can smell and feel! Ah, yes, Fall is one of my favorite seasons! Not only for the change of season and my all-time favorite Sabbat, Samhain. But also because....


Now, don't get me wrong. I love my eldest son, I really really do. But I am so happy that he is back in school! Not only does he do better with the routine that school time brings, but I am so sick and tired of hearing those 2 words "I'm Bored!". Ugh, purely sick of it. It was getting to the point in the last two weeks that he would wake up and before he ate, brushed his teeth, turned on the tv, or even used the toilet I'd hear "I'm bored!"

I will give him the fact that this was NOT a great summer for us. I had the baby in early June via c-section and then as I was finally getting over that recovery time I ended up back in the hospital for another 5 days with gallbladder trouble which resulted in another surgery.

**side note: Just saying that I had to have my gallbladder removed makes me fee super old. :/ **

So then I was laid up for another few weeks recovering from that. Yea, our summer this year wasn't the greatest. But hey... it happens. He has been playing with a ton of his friends though. There are some camping out in our living room as I type this. I don't mind though. I never have. I love having my son bring his friends here to play. This way I get to keep a VERY close eye on him without making him call to check in every 10 minutes :)

This school year, albeit has only been 2 days long, has been going very well. We currently aren't having any problems getting back on schedule. Although he's still a pain in the arse to wake up in the morning. Like the rest of the males in this family... he is NOT a morning person.

He was very excited for his first day though, which was yesterday. We walked, as we do every year, to and from school together. It's a tradition that I started with him when he started kindergarten. He looks forward to it and so do I. I have no idea how long he'll let me walk him... I'm guessing middle school may be the end of it.

Well... it's time for dinner to get started!

Blessed Be my friends!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Date Night

Last night was the first night that Daddy and I have gone out together ALONE! We had a friend's wedding to go. We both bought new outfits, shipped the kids off to their grandparents, and had a wonderfully peaceful night together!

Daddy and I don't usually go out together. We have our date nights occasionally but we are usually on double dates with friends. Or we have people come over to the house and we all have a good time here. Which is so much fun. We enjoy the people we surround ourselves with. I will go out with the girls once in a while and he will go out and play poker with the guys. But last night was very special.

Not only was it nice to have a night off of being a mom, don't get me wrong I talked more about our kids last night than I did anything else but,  it was wonderful for us to get to spend that time together. We even got home early enough to pick the baby up but we agreed to let him stay where he was.

The connection Daddy and I have together is wonderful. I am thankful every single day that he is in my life. We have taught each other so much. I can not stress enough how much fun it was to twirl around the dance floor with him. I smiled so hard the entire time that I thought my lips were going to crack.

On the way home from the wedding (holding hands the entire drive home ^_^ ) we both agreed that we need to have at least one date night a month where it is just us two. Not only is good for our relationship, but it's good for us individually too. He is such a homebody that it's good for him to go somewhere that is not work. As far as me, it's wonderful for me to get out of the house without the kids once in awhile.

I suggest that all of my readers take a night out for themselves! Take your spouse, your best friend, or a group... just get out and have a wonderful time!

Blessed Be!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Altar Egos ^_^

I've taken some of this time away from everyone to delve deeper into my spirituality and see how it affects my day to day life. I have to say, I was surprised to discover how much of my spirituality is reflected in my daily chores and what not. When I called myself a Christian I never had even a quarter of the devotion that I do to the path that I am on now. My life is almost consumed by it (in a good way). I sometimes feel like I am the equivalent to a bible thumper :)  Although I don't go around preaching and trying to convert everyone to my way of thinking.

I recently purchased a new pentacle, which is absolutely stunning! I wear it with an unashamed pride too. Something I never did with a cross. Honestly, I always felt ashamed to admit I was Christian. I hated telling people that I was. That was at a very young age (from the age of 6 to about 12) before I knew there was any other way.  

The hiatus from basically all technology (and most people) gave me time to really think and appreciate what (and who) I do have. Even though I was so depressed that at times I couldn't see it. I must say, the people I chose to surround myself with now are some of the most accepting, open, supportive, and loving people I have ever met. This includes a lot of my family as well.

As I took the time I needed to get my head straight (again) I began to take inventory. I have always known how important my family and friends were... I just never realized how dependent on them for strength I was. It's more than wonderful to know that when I am at my lowest they have always been there for me. I have been REALLY low.

I mean Daddy even threw me a bbq to help me start to feel better. It was last minute and kind of thrown together (I'm a horrible control/planning freak!) but the sweetest thing he's done in awhile. That man would move mountains if he thought it would make me happy. And yes, I realize how truly truly blessed I am to have him in my life. Believe me it is not easy to be with me. There are times I still wonder why in the world he chose me.

Anyway! So to honor my Goddesses and Gods I finally got around to putting together a proper altar. It's still an evolving art in progress. And it's not like I didn't have an altar before... in fact I had 2. One in my bedroom and one on my kitchen window sill. I still have them, I just also created a large one. Unfortunately, the only space I have in our house to make a large altar was in the basement. At the same time though... it's kind of like my own SILENT sacred space. Eventually, I'd like to move it out into the breeze way of our home, along with a couple comfy chairs. But for now, it's perfect where it is.

My eldest son decided to do some rearranging before these photos were taken.  So the layout is slightly different. The sticks were also replaced with twisted willow branches. I need to get a vase for flowers and better arrangements of branches and such. I have a few other ideas as well... and I'd like a few decorative plates and bowls. Like I said, it's an art work in progress :) The table also has a drawer in the front that I keep matches, extra sage sticks, and oils in. There is also my carry-all altar box underneath as well for when I need to make it portable.

The sculptures on the altar were made by me. I was watching 2 extra kids one day and decided to have a craft day. They made a time machine, a skull, and one of them made a sculpture for the baby with his name on it.

I take time out of every day to light the candles on the altar and be thankful for all my blessings, the trials that make me stronger, the things that make me smile, and for each day that I have a chance to do it all over again.

Take a minute or two out of your day and look at all that you have been offered. What exactly have you learned from the rough patches? Where could you have done things differently? Looking back is always 20/20... so how do you want to shape your future? It may not seem like you are going anywhere at the moment. But life, like my altar, is always changing. How are you changing with it? And is it the way you want it to be? If not... CHANGE IT! Everything starts with the first step :)

Blessed Be and Brightest Blessings dearest friends!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Short Hiatus...

I'm currently dealing with a rough bout of depression.  I'm doing the best I can to get back to my normal life, but it may take a few days. Unfortunately that means I probably won't be posting too often over the next few days. I will get back to posting as soon as I start feeling better. With my bipolar being the way it is, that could be days or just a few hours.

Blessed Be

Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Worms!

I realize the past few days I had been slacking on writing new posts. I'd like to say I've been really busy, but truth is... I needed a technological break! At the beginning of the week so much of my energy had been leeched out of me that I needed to take a few days to recharge. I spent a lot of hours outside soaking up as much of the universes energy as I could. One day I even took a 2 hour nap outside under our giant maple with the baby and the dog. The recharge felt amazing!! It also allowed for me to really get into my new book! (I had just ordered 3) Today, I have decided to review the new books that I bought. As I finish each one I will let you all know what I thought of them and whether or not I recommend them!

Without further adieu...

As I said, I recently finished the book, Cottage Witchery by Ellen Dugan. I have to say it was one of the most fast paced, well written "spell" books I have read! The book is focused on hearth and home magick. It is chocked full of real life stories from her own life. Ms. Dugan jumps right in to the home and hearth spells within the first few pages, starting with the blessing of the heart of the home. Her writing style is very down to earth and friendly. It's more like you are sitting down and chatting with a friend than actually reading.

Within a day of starting the book I ended up using 5 of her spells, enchantments, and charms. With a slight tweaking here and there. Her spells are definitely geared towards Wiccans who practice The Craft. But she encourages you to make the spells your own.

This amazing book also offers the reader worksheets and a household journal to help you organize your magickal items that you have in your home, yard, and neighborhood already. I'm a big lister and journaler (obviously) so this was a HUGE selling point for me.

Her spells (for the most part) are quick and easy. Perfect for those of us who don't have time to cast full circles, need to get dinner on the table, and have children running around the house, and a baby that needs to be fed! Both Ellen and I encourage people to adapt her spells as well as write their own to increase the spell's potency. But it really nice to have a jumping off point or a reference.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to beginners (who already have a working knowledge of casting) and veteran casters alike. I cannot wait to acquire a few more of the books Ellen Dugan has written.

Next book on the reading list is Circle Round by Starhawk, Anne Hill, and Diane Baker!

Brightest Blessings!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adding a little color!!

I decided this morning that our front yard could use a little color! What is the best way to do that? Well... I could repaint my house... or a much cheaper and quicker idea was to add a few pots of flowers!

My sons and I packed up, jumped in the car, and headed to the local nursery. We found 2 red Mums, 1 Bronze Mum, a Jade Plant, an Aloe plant, a tropical terrarium, and a Venus Flytrap. We also bought pots and potting soil for all of these plants. Of course, the Aloe and Jade plants can't be outdoors because of Michigan weather.

Before today we had no house plants! I couldn't believe that I went this long without any greenery in our home. Besides the benefits of having the plants in house, the energy the plants give off (all living things give off energy) has filtered through each of the rooms. As if this house didn't feel homey before! I just walk in the door and can't help but smile every time!

Aside from bringing nature into our home, I made 2 new protection charms, a small altar on my kitchen window sill, and charmed all the house plants and outdoor flowers, and had the time to cast a productivity spell for a dear friend (with permission)! Also, I took the time to pack up the boys and walk down to their Grandmother and Grandfather's house for a visit.

Needless to say... I am exhausted today! I have a few things that I plan to do tomorrow. Such as: sanding and spray painting a bookcase, doing laundry, bathing the baby, and cooking dinner. Aside from that... I plan to take it easy tomorrow. I do believe that there will be a large chunk of time being spent in the shade of our Dogwood tree staring at clouds. Providing that it doesn't rain.

Well, have a great night my friends! It's late and I am VERY tired.

Blessed Be!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Smudges and blessings

Today was a phenomenal day, for the most part. It hit a little snafu, but I will get into that a little later.

The start of my day began with a visit from my brother, his girlfriend, and their very handsome pit bull! We spent a decent chunk of time letting the dogs play in the backyard and soaked up so good vibes from the sun!

After they departed, I got down to it and scrubbed my house clean from top to bottom, stem to stern! There is nothing as instantly gratifying as sweeping away all the bad energy, negative vibes, and of course that pesky animal fur that collects EVERYWHERE!

Once the house was physically clean, I took a quick break to clean myself! Boy, did that shower feel wonderful!

Here is where my day went slightly haywire... My eldest came home from spending the week with his dad in Florida. He had a great time. But man was he out of sorts! He was overtired, hungry, and just an all around intolerable person to be around. We went out to dinner with my grandparents (bad idea). When we got home, he was relegated to his room so that he could calm down. He and the baby ended up taking naps at the same time.

I took that time to smudge the entire house! Including my children (who were still sleeping), the dog, and both the kittens. I also cleaned the nightmares from my eldest's dream catchers as well. I love the smell of white sage. All that is left is to smudge Daddy when he comes home.

I recently bought 2 new white sage smudge sticks and a Abalone shell (that is bigger than the baby's head! :D )

 This is my new smudge set! (I also have a feather that is not pictured here.) The smaller shell and mini smudge stick were bonuses! I gifted them to my eldest so that he can smudge his room when he feels the need.

This is the stand that the large Abalone shell sits on. It's gorgeous! I love the setup. I keep all setup on my dresser as a sort of mini altar. I'm still in the process of setting up my new altar.

After I smudged my entire home, including the basement, I blessed the heart of my home (which for me is the kitchen). I will enter that ritual on the ritual page tomorrow. 

Afterwards, I could just feel the positive energy flowing through my home. To keep the negative energies, and other unwanted's, out of the house I salted all the entryways into our home. I've never smudged daily, but with the coming school year and all the stress that brings, I may start smudging daily. At least for the time being.

Well, The Hunger Games are on and my eldest is bugging for me to curl up on the bed and watch it with him... so it is time for me to head to bed.

Blessed Dreams my friends!

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