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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Sunday, April 13, 2014

More than your average blog post

Usually I talk about something family or spiritually related on here. Today, however, I'd like to discuss something that is slightly more out of my family's realm and more current events based. It's a subject that is very important to me none the less.

Idaho's Fish and Game plan to start poisoning thousands of Ravens in order to save the Sage-Grouse.

As if that statement alone is not disgusting enough, here are a few quotes from a multitude of articles I have recently researched on the subject.

"The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, armed only with anecdotal evidence, plan to poison 4,000 ravens starting this spring. The reason? Well, ravens sometimes eat sage grouse eggs and the hope — and we do mean hope — is that offing a bunch of the ominous black creatures will boost slumping sage grouse numbers.
Fish and Game scientists aren’t confident this plan makes sense.
“We can’t directly say that (sage grouse population decline) is from ravens, because we don’t have that information,” said biologist Ann Moser." 

"It should come as no surprise the dictate to envenom the woods comes from the state Legislature have no evidence linking ravens directly to the sage grouse decline in Arco, Washington County and at the Curlew National Grasslands? That doesn’t matter.
There’s more than a few logical holes in this waste of taxpayer dollars, including the fact that once one breeding pair is killed a new couple is likely to occupy the vacated area.
“We’re pretty sure that once you remove a territorial pair of ravens, somebody else is going to move right in,” Moser said."

"The vast majority of research concluded that sage grouse populations are in decline because of the expanding human footprint, not because of non-human predation. Overgrazing, over-hunting and suburbs expanding onto former grasslands are the reason the sage grouse isn’t thriving, science says. But, like the wolf, this issue makes state lawmakers angry. And, when state lawmakers get angry, they kill stuff. It’s the default policy. This, of course, doesn’t make a ton of sense to some scientists, who see the raven problem as a signal that sage grouse nesting habitat is in short supply."
The previous quotes all come from Our View: Quoth the Raven, 'Just Kill It'.

How many times are lawmakers going to avoid the bigger issues and simply blame the wildlife that can NOT speak up for itself?! It is our job as human beings to care for this planet and these animals and to be honest, we are failing them! We've already had 905 -- NINE HUNDRED FIVE species have gone EXTINCT in the last 100 years! 

We call ourselves civilized as a people, yet our atrocities towards those that are defenseless are outright disgusting. We poison a bird of prey because it does what is in it's nature to do... eat! Yet it is OK for humans to simple crush and demolish habitats simply because Bobby Joe and Sally Sue need a 5 car garage and bathrooms they will never step foot in. 

WAKE UP! Realize what is going on and what our purpose is. We are here to protect innocent lives of all species. Not condone them to slaughter because they do not fit into "The Plan". We can live harmoniously with nature if we just TRY. The material is not important. What IS important is the lives in the world around us. If something doesn't change soon, we will cause our own species extinction. The saddest part is that ALL of this IS preventable.

Ravens are very dear to me, they are a bird that touches my soul in a profound way. All I ask is 45 seconds of your time to sign this petition and help save thousands of innocent lives.

Save the Ravens!

Blessings to all


  1. Wow, this made me feel ill. Have signed the petition and shared on facebook, twitter and tumblr urging others to do the same. Thank you for making people aware of this!

    1. Same here. I was disgusted beyond belief and did everything I could do, short of fly out to Idaho! Thank you for passing this along.


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