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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What's a mom to do??

All I ever ask of my children is to do their best. That's it. I don't expect more than that. So when I received a letter last night from my oldest apologizing to me for being lazy and a failure (in regards to school). I was heart broken. I felt as though I have failed as a mom. 

I did the only thing I could do at 11:30 at night. I took action. 

*I found out earlier in April that my son had been being bullied all year and it had finally reached a physical point. After meeting with the teacher things seemed to get better almost immediately at home. But my once all A's student is now barely a C- student. It's not that he isn't doing the work either. I watch and check over all his homework. He just doesn't turn anything in. The only thing that saves him are the tests. 

Clearly, something is wrong. I'm in constant contact with his teacher too. Emails, phone calls for missed work, and notes home. He used to love school. Now he cries every night because he has to go back. As a young child I went through the same thing but it was because of a teacher. So I know the feeling and I do not wish that for my child!*

Back to the action. I started looking up at home public schools. I found that there are a multitude of options for our area. An expo is coming up on Saturday that I am going to go to so I can collect more information and weigh my options. 

Also, next year He is supposed to be going into Middle School. This could either be an amazing change for him, or a horrendous disaster! Today when he came home from school Daddy and I sat down and showed him the option that we think would fit him best. Gave him the ground rules as to what would be expected of him, it's not just do your work and then play video games! He has to enroll in a club and a sport/activity outside of the house for socialization. 

He has a while to think about it. Neither of us are pushing the choice on him. But we both are in agreement that there is very little downside to the at home public school option. The school we chose is also highly recommended with very few negative reviews (via third party sites).

Also, I've already set him up with a counseling center. I love them and know they do great work because I work with them! I refuse to let my child slip through the cracks. If that means homeschooling then..... homeschooling it is.

We've also, since getting my computer back, went back to using Kid Pointz a site I highly recommend if you have kids ages 3-14(at the very least). They have some wonderful tools, articles, charts, you name it! 

Aside from all that... I don't know what else to do to help him succeed. I've had a few helpful suggestions today that I am going to try out. If anyone else has any suggestions or any programs that worked for them, I'd love to check them out! Email me ( or leave me a comment below! I would appreciate any advice you have!

Brightest Blessings!!

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