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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Learning Curve

Oh buddy... things have been kinda rough around here lately. There are 4 major things that have happened. Maybe not major... but definitely note-worthy.

  1. The eldest has been on a hellion kick lately. The disrespect and mouth are out of control. I can only ground, talk to, and punish him so much before I am completely out of ideas.
  2. The eldest has been too terrified at night to sleep. Something called the Slender Man has been keeping him up nights. So much so that he has started to sleep walk again.
  3. Both the children were involved in their first circle cast today!
  4. The eldest was questioned about his faith at school.
I'm just going to gloss over the first one. It would take me days to write about everything that is going on there. There are multiple reasons I believe that the boy is acting up lately. He is starting puberty and has a flood of hormones going right now. Subconsciously he is jealous of the baby and the attention that the baby requires. He is adjusting to the fact that his biological father is getting married and is spending way more time with his fiance and her kids. His lack of sleep is affecting him. Finally, he's still readjusting to a new school schedule.

None of that however gives him a free pass to be a little brat! I do not tolerate bad behavior. So if he needs to spend the next two weeks in his bedroom with no anything... he will.

Next on the list is the Slender Man thing. I personally am not sure what or who it is. He is a very real fear for the eldest though. He's been sleeping on the couch because the kittens keep him awake at night (they stay in his room at night). Last night he began the night on the couch as usual. Then came into our room and asked to sleep with us because he was scared. We, of course, let him. An hour or so later he wandered back into the living room, in a dead sleep. Then this morning when I went to wake him up I found him on our bedroom floor. He had no recollection of how he got there or that he was ever on the couch. His question to me in the morning was why was he there.

I ward our house and property once a week. It's just something I do. When the eldest is home I make sure he sees me do it. But his fear caused me to take even more drastic measures. I created a talisman for him this very night. Hand sewn and embroidered, it's actually very nice. He was excited.

Which leads me to the third thing that has happened in the past few days... my boys helped me cast a circle this night! Neither were involved in the magick aspect. I don't allow the eldest to cast anything more than a few protection spells and help with the circle. He is just not ready yet. But it was wonderful to have both of them with me. We built a bonfire and cast our circle under the moon. The baby actually cried until I picked him up and had him at the altar with us.

I had moved my altar out on to the patio. I have never cast outdoors like that before. My circles were always cast in secret. I'm sure a few of our neighbors were wondering what in the blue blazes was going on. There were candles, a fire, and chanting going on! Regardless... it was wonderful to be outdoors.

Lastly, Constitution Day is coming up at for the eldest and they are learning the pledge of allegiance. From what he relayed to me, the teacher had asked what religion everyone is because of the 'one nation under God' part. My boy, who has never gone against what the majority says, stood up and announced to everyone that he is a pagan and believes in a Goddess. I was so proud I nearly burst. Not because he said he was pagan. I don't care what he is one way or the other. He is free to make his own religious choices. I was just proud that he went against the norm and was true to himself!

I do not, in one way or another, force my children to align themselves with a faith. If one day the eldest is Christian and the next pagan, it's fine with me. I request that he learns and researches and goes with what he feels. Supporting his decision one way or the other and offering him my knowledge on the various religions is what I offer. I do not judge.

Well, Chubs aka The Baby, has just woken up from his nightly nap and will be wanting to eat his cereal soon. Good Night my friends! May your dreams be as sweet as honey.

Blessed Be

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