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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Date Night

Last night was the first night that Daddy and I have gone out together ALONE! We had a friend's wedding to go. We both bought new outfits, shipped the kids off to their grandparents, and had a wonderfully peaceful night together!

Daddy and I don't usually go out together. We have our date nights occasionally but we are usually on double dates with friends. Or we have people come over to the house and we all have a good time here. Which is so much fun. We enjoy the people we surround ourselves with. I will go out with the girls once in a while and he will go out and play poker with the guys. But last night was very special.

Not only was it nice to have a night off of being a mom, don't get me wrong I talked more about our kids last night than I did anything else but,  it was wonderful for us to get to spend that time together. We even got home early enough to pick the baby up but we agreed to let him stay where he was.

The connection Daddy and I have together is wonderful. I am thankful every single day that he is in my life. We have taught each other so much. I can not stress enough how much fun it was to twirl around the dance floor with him. I smiled so hard the entire time that I thought my lips were going to crack.

On the way home from the wedding (holding hands the entire drive home ^_^ ) we both agreed that we need to have at least one date night a month where it is just us two. Not only is good for our relationship, but it's good for us individually too. He is such a homebody that it's good for him to go somewhere that is not work. As far as me, it's wonderful for me to get out of the house without the kids once in awhile.

I suggest that all of my readers take a night out for themselves! Take your spouse, your best friend, or a group... just get out and have a wonderful time!

Blessed Be!

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