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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Magikcal Approach

 Taking a magickal approach to raising kids sounds like it would be the easier route. Well, not for this mama. My family does not follow a single similar tradition. I follow a Norse path, my Eldest follows the Celtic Druidic path, and my husband just goes with the flow. The baby is still too young to have chosen a path so he mingles among the magick. There are certain things that we do together and thoroughly enjoy. Energetic cleaning is one of them. We smudge the house as a family and clean out negative energy together. Why not? We create it together.

After the house is cleaned, physically and energetically, what better place to settle in and enjoy a freshly cleaned home then in front of the Gods! Our family has 5 different altars. So we have options. We have a main altar, a kitchen altar (that sits on a window ledge), I have an altar in our bedroom, the Eldest has his own altar, and we have an outdoor altar. Each serves a different purpose and honors a different set of Gods and Goddesses. We are, after all, a multi-religious family. Each altar is tended by a different family member/s. So whether you want family time or alone time, there is a sacred place in our home for everyone.

In my opinion it is important for children to have their own altar to express themselves and their beliefs. There is no wrong way to set up an altar. Some religions and traditions expect it to be set up a certain way. It is my tradition and personal belief that an altar is as individual as the person setting it up. As long as you have the 4 elements and your gods represented, you are good in my book.

There are many ways to represent each element. Here are a few suggestions...

East – Air
  • incense
  • a hand fan
  • white sage
  • feathers
  • a bird image
  • color yellow
  • a writing implement
South – Fire
  • candles
  • color red
West – Water
  • bowl of water
  • sea shells
  • pictures of large bodies of water
  • color blue
North – Earth
  • salt
  • dirt
  • plant
  • flowers
  • color green
When it comes to altar clothes, I change the main family altar's cloth 4 times a year, on every solstice and equinox. I know some people who never change it and others who change it every sabat. There are a few who don't even have clothes. 3 out of 5 of ours don't have any cloths.

There are other items that adorn our altars. Our main altar boasts a beautiful set of antlers that Daddy had found for me. A crystal chalice that has an 8 pointed star etched into it. Our Eldest keeps photos of plant life and sick trees in our neighborhood that are in need of healing on his, as a reminder to send out healing energy. We have a few hand sculpted plaques and figures that are scattered between the 4 indoor altars. The outdoor altar is very natural in the sense that if you don't know what to look for, you'd never find it.

We try to spend equal time at all of the altars throughout the week. Emphasis on TRY. Life does sometimes get in the way. But, we do the best we can. It helps when you set aside a specific time during the day or night for spiritual time. We take an hour a night (again.... try). We do a meditation together, share stories, read tarot, and play games. Being that we have little kids (and a husband) there are usually snacks involved.

Raising Earth-centered magickal children is a lot easier said then done in today's society. Especially as consumerism is at an all time high. But it is possible. It just takes a little more work and nuturing.  

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