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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Sunday, August 24, 2014

To New Experiences

Today, August 24th of 2014, was National Go Topless day. A fact I was not privy to until I logged into facebook today. I am not, in the least bit, bothered by nudity. My children are encouraged to accept their bodies for who they are and if they chose to run around naked, so be it. I, myself, used to skinny dip on a regular basis and sunbathe topless or nude.  Go Topless Day seemed like a dream come true! 

A few things brought dread to my mind before I decided to bare my boobs (IN MY OWN HOME). Just to be clear, I wasn't about to go out parading around outside topless just because. I also checked the laws in Michigan as well. That is the first thing that horrified me. I found out that even in my own home, OUR HOUSE, I could still be arrested for disorderly conduct! Absolutely horrified! How could I risk getting arrested?! We have a huge bay window in our living room. 

'Close the curtains!' was my first thought. Then, I actually thought about what that meant. Why should I have to close the curtains on a nice day just so I can go topless, in MY own home?! What right does anyone outside have to tell me what I can and cannot do in my house!? I was disgusted with myself for even thinking about it. 

Second thing that came to mind was, 'I'm 30, have had 2 kids, my body is far from perfect!'. Again, WTF is wrong with me?! This isn't about being 'enough'...pretty enough, thin enough, or sexy enough. I was simply going to go about my normal day, sans a top. Taking care of a baby, cleaning, cooking... everything I always do. Let me tell you, there is nothing sexy about scrubbing toilets, with or without a shirt. 

So... I did it. After HOURS of talking myself up to it, I tossed the shirt and bra down the laundry chute and stood proud of myself... for all of two seconds before I was mortified beyond comprehension, but still topless. Then it occurred to me (6 hours later), why should I feel ashamed? Why do I feel like I'm doing something bad or wrong? It was very hypocritical of myself to be so hard on myself, when I applaud all the other women doing the same. And what happened to that confident young girl who used to have no problem ditching the duds and swimming in a sparkling pool on a beautiful day? Society had corrupted my brain and I didn't even realize it. Something that was so natural to me a decade ago had become wrong and something I should do in secret.... 

Shame on me. 

I straightened my spine and tossed back my shoulders, even put my hair up. I should be proud to be a woman, to be ME! Not only that, but I have a RIGHT to be proud of myself. And shame on me for letting anyone make me feel less than worthy of that right! 

I went about the rest of my evening the same way I spend every Sunday night. I put the baby to bed, watched True Blood (which I was pissed about! But that is a rant for another time), fed the animals, and took the dogs out. All topless and proud. 

True society is wrong for the inequality it keeps on us women. But we are wrong for allowing it to remain there. No one can make you feel less, unless you allow it. I learned a valuable lesson today. And it all started with taking off my top. 

Brightest Blessings 

By the way, if you are interested or want to learn more, go to Go Topless


  1. I sleep practically nude so am used to walking around topless at night, daytime would only be awkward as I never know when someone will turn up - and while I don't care who sees me naked, I do care about how other people feel.

    I would suggest, for anyone who feels uncomfortable though, don't force it too much if you can't. There are ways to work yourself up to it, like wearing a light almost see through top, but nothing underneath it. Or for those with belly issues, wear a belly wrap (I do that sometimes for my own peace of mind, it annoys me the way it sticks out lol).
    For some people, forcing it can make it worse. But working up to it over time usually does the trick. But I am glad to hear you were able to do it in the end, outrage can certainly make us stronger sometimes :)

    PS. That law is really awful, can't be naked in your own home!?!

  2. I sleep in the buff too. I can't stand clothes at night. So it's normal for me too to walk around at 2am naked. The daylight hours however, proved to be quite a different story. I love the idea of a belly wrap though!

    Thank you for the tips for others. And yes... that law is seriously wrong!

  3. As a breastfeeding mother, my ta-tas are visible most of the day anyway...LOL


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