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Many people think 'witch' and immediately jump to the conclusion that I am some weirdo who's home smells like stale incense and thinks Mr. Potter is end all be all of magick. I hate to disappoint, but I am as normal as the next person. As much as a person can be normal.

So, please read on. Enjoy my trials and tribulations. Hopefully, you can learn something from the mistakes I make and the good fortunes that come my way.

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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Monday, January 27, 2014

Too much to do!!

There has been so much illness wreaking havoc through our home these past few months, followed by a horrendous case of teething, and about a thousand inches of snow that my blog and other projects have been pushed to the side. For that, I apologize to my readers but a mom has to do what a mom has to do.

The new year has brought with it many new projects and goals that I am eager to get started. I'm attending some ancient cultural and anthropology classes online. I may have another writing oppurtunity, but I don't want to jinx it. I will be starting a co-op garden this year with a fellow covener. Let's see...I think that covers the me aspect.

I had started a 30 day exercise challenge for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is that I own a pair of size 9 jeans that I want to fit back into. Two, my energy levels when I cast are crashing into oblivion, I need more endurance. I'm currently on day 26. I'm incredibly proud of myself. Those size 9's I mentioned...yea I got those on, buttoned and zipped!! A busted can of biscuits ain't got nothing on me! But they were on!!! I've still got work to do, but I'm on my way.

As for my family, we grew by one more four legged member. His name is Loki and he is the sweetest and most mischeivious little tyke. He definitely lives up to his name. The baby wanders around calling him 'huppy' all the time.

The Eldest decided he wanted to do 3 resolutions this year. 1) Raise his grades. 2) Stop arguing all the time. 3) Remove 'can't' and replace it with 'how do I?' (that one is my favorite). He also has been helping out A LOT more around the house. I'm very proud.

Imbolc is right around the corner and I have so much to do still!!

Brightest Blessings Darlings!!

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