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Many people think 'witch' and immediately jump to the conclusion that I am some weirdo who's home smells like stale incense and thinks Mr. Potter is end all be all of magick. I hate to disappoint, but I am as normal as the next person. As much as a person can be normal.

So, please read on. Enjoy my trials and tribulations. Hopefully, you can learn something from the mistakes I make and the good fortunes that come my way.

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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I hope you all are having a blessed day!

Today's topic is acceptance.

We're going to discuss (or I'm going to ramble on about...) different types of acceptance that I had to face when I chose this lifestyle and belief.

Firstly, I was raised in a Christian home. My mother is Lutheran and my father is Catholic (lucky me huh!?). Raised in both faiths, I attended not only a Lutheran church with my mother, but also a Catholic church with my father's parents. The first part of acceptance that I needed to come to grips with was that I had no faith what-so-ever in the religion that I had been brought up in. I was pretty young when I realized this. Which in a way made things a little harder. It's not like you can go to your parents and say 'hey, I don't believe in your god and I want to find my own way.' I was about 12 or 13 when I began researching other religions.

Secondly, I had to accept that I had found a new religion/lifestyle and it was, by no means, mainstream! When a pagan faith struck a chord with me I was both fascinated and scared. I fell in love with the stories, myths, and practices of the Wiccans. I was still pretty young. I was only about 14 or 15 when I felt my life fall into place. At that age though, many people look at it as a phase, young people like to be able to rebel against their parnets and fall easily into the occult and eventually they will grow out of it as they mature. It was never about rebelling for me. It was me searching for my spiritual path. I still researched all religions and tried out many faiths. None made me feel the way that Wicca did. I even tried, when I got older after I had had my son, to become Catholic to please my family and (I can't believe I, of all people, am admitting this) tried to conform. Needless to say, I failed (thank the Goddess!)! Once I had gotten back to my true path and where I truly felt more connected to the God and Goddess than I ever had before, I completely accepted who I am. I was happier than I thought was possible!

Thirdly, the acceptance of my son and absolutely amazing boyfriend was one of the most important acceptances that I accquired. My son is raised to be tolerant and accepting of every faith. I do NOT tell him what he can and cannot believe. I encourage him to question, learn, and (when he's old enough) research any faith that he desires. If he grows up to be a Christian I will support that. If he grows up pagan, of course I will support that too! We recently moved into a new house. As I grew up I had to hide my practices and beliefs. I was not fully able to practice the rituals I wanted because I was confined to my bedroom during them. {Let me tell you... the ability to practice freely outdoors is one of the most liberating and exhilarting expirences EVER!} Here, in our new home, I am free to practice as I please. And I LOVE IT!!! The love, support, and acceptance of my immediate family means so much to me. They make my bond with the God and Goddess so much stronger. I can't gush enough about how much it means me.

Lastly, and it has not exactly happened yet but, is the acceptance of my outside family. Now that being said, it's not really acceptance in the same way that I wanted my boyfriend and my son's acceptance. It is more, I want them to know who I am. I don't want to feel like I have to hide myself from my family. I have told my mother that I am a pagan and that I am not Christian. I have not told her that I am a practicing witch. (I gotta say calling myself a witch still makes me giggle!) I want to tell her though. I just don't like to cause conflict or upset my family. But eventually it will come out. Hopefully sooner rather than later. My friends all know, and most accept it. I do not hide who I am anymore.

In conclusion (wow, this sounds way more formal than I intended it to be) the first two acceptances were most important to me. The third was an added bonus. And the fourth, although it's not required it would be nice. My life has taken many twists and turns and I am still surprised at the directions that my life has taken. I encourage EVERYONE to find what means the most to you and follow that. Accept who you are and what you are capable of. That is the most important aspect to your own happiness.

Enjoy your own journey!
     ~Blessed Be~

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