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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

It's in the air!

Winter is on it's last legs and Spring is just around the corner. When transitioning from one season to the other, now is the best time to rid your home of that stagnant energy and dirt that has built up over the winter. I don't mean your everyday dirt, but the stuff you find under stoves and behind fridges. 

There are multiple ways to start cleaning, my favorite is a pre-clean. By that I mean washing out the vacuum, brooms, disinfecting sponges and rags. Yup, can't clean a house with dirty tools. I also energetically clean the tools I use and enchant them with certain properties. The broom, I slide the handle off and slip a clear quarts in the hollow to amplify my intent for sweeping away negative energy. The rags/sponges are cleansed with moon water to charge them with restorative energies for healing the destructive energy in the house. 

I also whip up one of my favorite spells. It's an absorption spell that sucks up and cleanses the negative energy in the room I am working in. It's super easy and quick but wholly effective!

Start with a small bowl and add white salt and lemon juice.  I throw a clear quartz in there for added oomph. I use a wooden kitchen spoon, but you could use your finger (as long as there are no cuts) to stir the mix deosil (or clockwise). The incantation I use varies depending on what room I am cleaning and the exact purpose I need the mix for. Sometimes I use it just to clear the air after someone in the house gets angry with another family member. I carry the bowl with me from room to room. And let it do it's job while I clean and stir up energy. 

Always clean the house in a widdershins direction (counterclockwise) and do so with intent, purpose and positivity. You can use your cleaning routine as a working meditation. Sweep, dust, scrub, all of it in widdershins. It is meant to banish the energy rather than invoke and encourage it to stay.  

I always keep rose quartz in the 4 corners of our home to promote and encourage love and happiness. I take my pre-clean time to swap out the "old" quartz and replace it with freshly charged quartz. 

A quick extra tip here...

Listen to upbeat happy music while cleaning! It'll lift your spirits and help you pour positive energy into your work and your home. 

Once you get all the pre-clean prep done, enjoy making your house a welcoming, warm, loving place to be! 

Happy cleaning!

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