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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Yoga Garden

At first this title sounds like a yoga studio, serene and beautiful. Or perhaps a quiet garden where you can do your sun salutations at day break in the quiet of the morning. Wrong in both cases! It's a fantastic cooperative game for children (Though I know adults who love it too).

There is no racing to the finishing line or seeing who can get the most cheese. Just traveling around a board, working together to bring the flowers to full bloom before night falls, all the while stretching and doing yoga poses. 

I've had this game since my almost 12 year old was 5. We play it almost religiously a few times a week. My oldest is starting to outgrow it, but he will still play with the toddler. Matter of fact, my father who never did yoga in his life will play this game, and enjoys it! I've noticed the men in my life are lacking flexibility! 

This game has the ability to teach children focus. It can also be very calming and a great game to play before bed or nap time. Equally, it is great for just waking up and starting the day.  

The Yoga Garden Game  is $19.95, wonderfully constructed, vibrant in colors and lasts forever. Like I said, we've had it for almost 8 years and it's still in mint condition....and I have boys! Click here to purchase your own Yoga Garden Game

For it's longevity, play-ability, all age group encompassing, and ability to hold a toddlers attention until the end of the game I give this game 10 out of 10! It was money very well spent! 

Brightest Blessings and Play On!

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