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So, please read on. Enjoy my trials and tribulations. Hopefully, you can learn something from the mistakes I make and the good fortunes that come my way.

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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

With Spring Comes Change

Yes, it is that time of year again. The sun is shining longer, the snow is melting, and the children are finally able to pull out their bikes to expend some energy. For me, that means being able to throw open the windows, wash down walls, nooks and crannies, and mop constantly because the dogs are tracking in mud. 

This is one of my favorite times of the year. 2015 Think Spring Cleaning is going to be a lot busier for me this year. Packed with cleaning, repairs, and... MOVING! That's right. We are moving. It's time to migrate from our little 2 bedroom 1 bathroom cape cod to a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom farmhouse! The excitement is, as always with me, tempered by a few apprehensions. 

We decided to move in early December and closed on the house a few days before January. There a a bit of work that needs to be done. Daddy is in the home repair business and I thoroughly enjoy working on the house and getting it ready to move in. Just like this one. We will be doing the work ourselves. No biggie there. The kids are very excited. And even though it has four bedrooms, the kids still want to share a room. That may change in the future. Though I am happy that they are so close. 

The baby always asks to go to the new house. We started a few minor repairs when we first got the house and he loved running around the empty rooms. A few of the rooms are slowly being filled with new furniture. We are trying to hold off until we are done repairing the house before we move everything over there. 

So how does a witch make a new house her own? Well, it's a process. the house had been vacant for so long that the energy is almost non-existent. It needs to be woken from dormancy and cleansed. As we fix her up the energy will stir and before we move in I plan to give her a good thorough smudging and house blessing. Once the energy starts flowing naturally I will do a heart of the home blessing as well. Every wall that is to be painted will first be marked with protective, abundance, and health runes; for the good of the house as well as the people and pets who dwell within her magickally reinforced walls. 
Ostara is coming....

Altars, inside and out, will be set up as we move in. The landscaping will be replaced (it's just a giant half dead bush) with magickal plants and runic wards. And gardens both food rich and magickal will be planted. There is so much to do. I am ecstatic. I can't wait to weave a magickal home again. 

How do you create your space? 

As we create our sacred space together I will share the journey, pitfalls, and joys of moving and creating a home. And any other events that take place during the process.

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