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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lazy days of summer


I spent my morning, albeit slightly busy, in the backyard on a blanket with our baby reading a new book with the dog lazing about next to us! It was absolutely wonderful to spread out and just enjoy the gorgeous day! It's not too hot (72... such a wonderful temperature), sun is shining, and giant puffy white clouds are hanging in the bluest of skies!

Since I live in a city, it was far from quiet. I still love getting lost in the nature that surrounds me though. I laid the blanket down in the shade of our huge maple tree next to a patch of little yellow flowers (yea, they are just weeds, but to me... flowers are flowers!).  The baby was on his tummy struggling to get to the flowers in front him. Cooing and grunting as he tried hard as ever to shimmy his way over there. I had to giggle at the look of sheer frustration on his face.

I wish I could just freeze the weather to be like this all the time! Although, I do love the cold and snow! I even love autumn when all the leaves are falling and the trees are settling in for their wintry slumbers. The only season I really DON'T enjoy is summer. It's far too hot and I have to avoid sunlight most of the time (long story that I am not ready to get into here just yet).

As the baby and I soaked up the positive energies flowing around us, I had an AMAZING idea! I have about a 10-15 foot space next to our garage that opens into the rest of our backyard. It is separated from the front by a white picket fence.

Yea, I seriously lucked out there! I'm going to see if Daddy would be cool with me tearing out the grass there and making a flower/herb garden. There is a gate that leads into our backyard, so I could put down a stepping stone path or make a mossy walkway! The possibilities are endless!! I'm going to start planning it out as soon as I get the go ahead. I really don't think he'd tell me no. But since he lives here too, I still have to ask what he thinks. I could grow so many magickal flowers and herbs. I'd go out and pick flowers for inside weekly.... *sigh* just the thought is making me beam with joy!

I will post designs and ideas on the gardening page as I work through this process. I wouldn't be able to plant anything until next year... but the planning is all part of the fun!

Well, I apparently have some research to do, I must be off!

Brightest Blessings on this wonderful day!!

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