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My Iron Man!

My Iron Man!
This was just before his 12th birthday. 2015

Monday, August 6, 2012

Let the universe decide!

So, today, my son, my mother, and I went out to the Pet Adoption Center. I had found out earlier in the morning that Gizmo, the little kitten that my family had fallen in love with had been adopted earlier in the weekend. But I told my son that we could go and look anyway. Perhaps we could find someone else to bring home and add to our family.

We dropped the baby off at my grandmother's house. We stopped by the pet store so I could get some food, litter, and a few toys for the new baby. Ended up finding a WONDERFUL new holistic cat food. I will post a link to the site. Then it was off to the shelter.

When we got there, we were greeted by no less than 50 kittens! The woman who helped us told me that there were currently 160+ cats and kittens at the shelter and another 100 were supposed to be brought in later in the day.

**Side Note: SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR CAT!! There are so many homeless kittens that NEED loving homes!**

Anyway, as we roamed through the aisles of kittens in cages we came across a cage that held 4 kittens. A black male kitten saw me and crawled over the three other kittens to get to me. He was sitting on top of his sister (who was also black) and sliding off repeatedly just so I could have a chance to pet him. He was located half way down the hallway and we still had at least another 30 cats to look at. I had already found the kitten I was adopting though!

Well, not 10 feet away was a very cute white and grey tiger striped kitten who was a week older than the black sweetheart I had just left. This kitten (named Dexter) instantly fell in love with my son!! He reached out to catch my son's attention and desperately cried for his pets! My son looked up at me with big hopeful eyes and asked me "Can we PLEASE take him home?"

Who was I to tell him 'no' after he had just lost his cat Miss Diamond?! I made him look through the rest of the cats first to make sure that is who he REALLY wanted. There was NO changing his mind. He'd fallen in love with the little cutie. I am not one to deny a little boy love. *sigh*

But my mind and heart still yearned for the little black kitten that was so desperate for love.

So I did the only thing I could do. We adopted 2 kittens.

These two precious sweethearts are Dexter (my son wanted to keep his name as is) and Moon Baby! Dex is 15 weeks and Moon Baby is 14 weeks. Although, Dex is probably twice the size of my little Moonie. Moon Baby is such a lover. He just wants to be pet and snuggled all the time. Dex is much more... adventurous! He wants to roam and explore and play with anything and everything he can get his little paws on!

My mother also left the shelter today with two little ones of her own.

This is Time, she is Moon Baby's sister. At the time of this picture, she was so shy that I had to stick the camera under my mother's coffee table and snap a pic blindly. She is already coming out from under there on her own.

This is Boutsy aka Bout. She was playing chase/hide and seek with my son. She is a feisty little girl! It's so much fun to watch her tear around my parent's living room!   (Bout Time is the name of my parent's sailboat)

All the kittens are adjusting very well to their new homes! Our kittens are currently hanging out in my son's bedroom because we want to slowly introduce them to our German Shepperd. Who is very interested in meeting them. Just not too sure how interested they are in meeting her.

At the current point in time that this post is being written, Daddy still has NO idea that we adopted 2 new babies! Hopefully, he will be pleasantly surprised when he comes home from work today. He is such an animal lover though... I don't see an extra set of paws being a problem.

It was worth getting the two kittens just to see how happy my son is! I expect a lot of fun stories in the very near future!

Brightest Blessings!!

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